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Author Topic: Re: What Make a Trapper a Real Trapper Part 4  (Read 4300 times)
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« on: October 27, 2016, 08:57:37 PM »

Part 4 Lure and baits.
Here we go head first into lures and baits. First off letís talk about lures. There is three basic lures food lures, call or curiosity lures and passion lures. Food lures taps into the need to eat. They could have poplar bud oil for beaver to cheese essence oil for canines. The list of ingredients is as long as there are makers. Call lures do just that they call. Most trappers use a call lure a few feet from a set to pull the target animal close enough to a set to find the set. Call lures use loud smells like skunk essence, mush rat glands or castor. Call lures are not recommended at a set because they cause rolling. Passion or curiosity lures entice the mating instinct in a given animal and work best while the target animal is in its mating season. Passion lures include glands or lovage oil to name a few. Ok this is where I will try not to get myself into much trouble here. What lure is the best? I have tried a lot of different types of lures and find that most work. Carmans, Dobbins and Hawbakers have been used by many trappers over the years and will be used for many years to come. I have used a lot of Cavenís lures and they work well for me. I have found that most lures work and I know of only a few that have not worked on my line.
Moving on to bait. Bait are used to keep the target animal working a set long enough to get it  into a trap. Bait could include meat base or fruit base. Meat base bait use beaver, musk rat, bobcat fish or even mice. Fruit based baits may include cherry, persimmon, grapes and even peanut butter as the main ingredient. Bait with fruit as a base are great in making a set less likely to catch a domestic animals. And they are also used in dog proof traps. Which bait is the best? All that I have tried worked so I donít have one I like over the other. I have went to making about 90% of the bait I use from the animals I catch. Making your own bait is not hard and put to use of something that otherwise would be wasted.
To find out what works on your line you have to buy it and try it.
Tell next time

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