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Author Topic: Re: What Make a Trapper a Real Trapper Part 3  (Read 2982 times)
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« on: October 25, 2016, 08:25:23 PM »

Part 3 Traps
Well we made it to traps. What is the best trap? What kind of trap work the best. Letís start off with just naming some of the most popular traps. On the lower price range is the Duke Brand trap. Right out of the box they need a little work, like filing the pan notch and dog. Some trappers like to put on an extra swivel or two and setting the pan tension. Moving up on the list would be the Bridger and the Victor Brands. Some of these still need a little work dependent on model and trapper. If you want a trap that needs very little work the Minnesota Brand trap are one of the best traps out there. But you will pay a premium price. I use the MB-750 for beaver and I like them a lot. But at $26.50 apiece its hard to swallow losing one. It seems like the list of dogproof traps gets longer every year. There is the Bridger T-3, Sterling Grizz, Duke Freedom, Z-trap and the original coon cuffs to name a few. I know  I left a few out and some trappers will thank one of those lesser traps are the best and I wonít argue the point because this is just my opinion. Now back to the question of which trap is the best. I would say that it depends on the trapper who is telling the story and being that Iím telling it and youíre stuck with my opinion. Letís put it in story form. Iím out on my line. First set of the day hold a big male coyote held by the foot by a Duke 1 Ĺ .  After the coyote is dispatched I see that the trap is a little bent up. The dog and pan need a work and the swivel is bent to no repair. No big dill I have more traps and just reset and move down the line. The next coyote is held by a Bridger 1.75 after the coyote is dispatched I clean up the trap a little and dig a new dirt hole and just reset the trap and move on to the next set. Is it a big dill the duke didnít fair so good? Not really, it can be fixed. But how much time did I have to waist changing out traps? Maybe a minute or two. If that happens say 3 time in a day thatís 6 minutes. No big dill except I could have got in one or two more sets put in that day. In a week that would 14 more sets I could have put out. Like a lot of trappers use cheaper traps in high theft areas. I would rather loose a $6.50 trap then a $20 trap..
What trap is the best? It would be the best trap you can afford. They all do the job they are intended to do. I have many different kinds of traps and they all get used. I do use one brand most of the time only because I set a lot of traps and for me to set the same trap every time it just speeds up the setting.
Tell next time when we see what real trapper use for bait and lure.
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