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Author Topic: Re: What Make a Trapper a Real Trapper Part 2  (Read 3141 times)
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« on: October 22, 2016, 07:29:09 PM »

Part 2 Tools

What kind of tools do real trappers use? There are so many tools that a trapper needs the list will be a long one. Letís start off with Trowels. A Trowels main purpose is to dig. Trappers use them to dig trap beds and holes in a common dirt hole set. They are also handy in leveling a set when placing a large trap when beaver trapping. What kind to trowel does a trapper use? Well there standard, narrow trowels and even trowels with a D-grip. There is one trowel with a hoe on the other end. Guess you got to just pick one and see if it work for you.
Next to on our list is something to drive stakes in. Whether you use re-rod or cable stakes you will need a hammer of some sort. Real trappers use a Sod Buster or a Ground Hog, but I do know trappers that just use whatever hammer they have at hand
Every trapper need a sifter to keep all the rocks and other debris out of their trap beds. What kind of sifter do trappers use? There are a few that come to mind, like the Mega Sifter, Lifetime Sifter and the Texas Tea Cup. There is always the standard metal sifter that a lot of trappers use. I do know some real trappers that just use Pet moss.
Most trappers have a favorite set of pliers. Pliers have many uses on the trap line, like cutting and bending wire to tightening quick links. There are trapper pliers also called linemenís pliers and some trappers use even use fencing pliers. I bet any old pair of pliers would work to.
Letís talk a little about gadgets. Most gadgets are used to make things a little easier for the trapper.  There is so many different kinds of gadgets out there that some real trappers swear by, like the Dirt Hole Auger, D-hole Punch, Kneeling Pad Trapper caps, bedding tools ect ect. Do trapper need all this stuff? All I can say is you never know it might make making a set a little quicker thus letting you have more time to set more sets. I will also say this, if you bought a pack basket and you put the tools that you have to have and then add just half of the gadgets in it and put that on your back then carry it for a mile of two and see how your back and legs like it. I know I would be worn out. And just thank we havenít even added trap to that basket.
Next time we will cover Traps
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