About the ATA


The Arkansas Trappers Association (ATA) is made up of dedicated men and women who promote wildlife management through regulated trapping.

The ATA actively promotes using the safest and most efficient traps through trapper education as well as the ethical treatment of all animals. The ATA has a working relationship with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission in the setting of regulations that pertain to trapping.

Each year, the ATA sponsors a raw fur auction for its members, and an annual fall convention as well as a spring convention that is moved around the state.

Our members are modern trappers devoted to improving the image and practice of trapping through workshops, seminars and demonstrations that promote ethical trapping practices and support modern wildlife management and conservation.

The ATA sponsors a number of events each year to improve leadership and communication skills among its members, and frequently attends outdoor shows and schools to teach others about responsible conservation and wildlife management.

The Bylaws and Constitution of the Arkansas Trappers Association can be found below. Click on the link below if you’d like to download a copy.

Arkansas Trappers Association Bylaws

Arkansas Trappers Association Constitution

Interested in joining the ATA? A 1 year subscription to Trappers Post Magazine is an option on the membership form.

Comments or Suggestions? Send an email to: info@arkansastrappers.org

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