Fur Sale


ATA Fur Sale

The Arkansas Trapper’s Association will hold it’s 2020 Fur sale on February 20, 2021 at Lonoke county fairgrounds, 1006 West Third Street, Lonoke, AR
To reserve your lot number, send name, address, email address, AGFC hunting ID or trapping License number along with a non refundable $5 deposit check or money order payable to the Arkansas Trappers Association. Your deposit must be received by January 15, 2020 to be entered in the drawing for reserved lot numbers. You will be notified by postcard or the email you provided. Any entries received after January 20, will receive next available lot number. If members traveling together require consecutive lot numbers, deposits must be mailed together in one envelope with each persons information and the preferred order lot assignments within the group. Remember that participation in the ATA fur sale is a benefit of  ATA membership. Your membership must be current as of the day of the sale.
The host motel is: Days Inn• 105 Dee Dee Lane• Lonoke, AR
Phone: (501)676-5138• $62.99 +tax per night
Ask for the Arkansas Trappers Association RateMail deposits to
Aaron Hitchcock
9331 Sister Lane
Mulberry, At 72947
Phone: (479)997-5361
Payable to Arkansas Trappers Association


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