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*** NTA Alert ~ Wyoming Best of the Best ***

Hello! Please read the attached News Release concerning the law suit in Wyoming where the Animal Legal Defense Fund is suing a coyote calling event and trying to stop it. I am directly involved and we are fighting back. I am writing the News Releases and will be providing more. Share this release with EVERYONE PLEASE! Contact me if you have questions. Jim
*** Contact Jim Schmidt : jschmidt@azammo.com ***




By: Wyoming Best of the Best hunting event

Date: August 30, 2017

Contact: rocksprings@wyobestofthebest.com

Legal hunting is under attack in Wyoming by a powerful anti-hunting organization! The organization, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), consists of staff attorneys who contribute legal services to prosecutors, anti-hunting citizens, and others in a vast array of hunting and agricultural cases under the guise of “animal cruelty,” in order to strike out and push their agenda: to stop all legal hunting in the United States. The organization has attacked a small group of predator hunters in Wyoming. This contingent of hunters hold hunting events around the state every year called “Wyoming Best of the Best” (Best of the Best), a legal coyote hunting event.

Prior to the 2016 Best of the Best Rock Springs hunting event, the ALDF filed for a Temporary Injunction Restraining Order in Wyoming’s Sweetwater County, District Court attempting to stop the hunting event. The animal activist group used as reasons for the injunction: that the hunting event was a “Public Nuisance” and was a form of “Illegal Gambling,” in Wyoming. The ALDF alleges, among other claims, that coyote hunting is in large part, a game of chance requiring little to no skill on behalf of the hunter. The effort to stop the event failed at that time because the complaint did not have time to be heard by a local Judge. The event went on successfully without incident.

Now the ALDF is aggressively pushing a suit against the small Wyoming Best of the Best group with an approaching court date on the 3rd and 4th of October, 2017. In a similar action, the ALDF attacked a small hunting event by a rancher in Oregon a few years ago, eventually settling with the rancher and requiring him to sign an agreement that he would never hold another hunting event the rest of his life and demanding that all of their legal fees be paid by the rancher. In 2016 the ALDF attacked and stopped a small hunting event in Kansas too. The lone individual in Wakeeney, Kansas incurred his own legal expenses and was required to sign the same agreement: that he would never hold a similar event the rest of his life and requiring him to pay the ALDF’s legal fees. The settlement of about $3,000 straining his young family’s finances.

Coyote hunting is totally legal and encouraged in Wyoming, Oregon, Kansas, and every state in America and has been for decades. Using selective prosecution, the ALDF looks the other way on all similar events with similar formats and focuses only on hunting events like the Wyoming Best of the Best. The agenda shown on their website is to promote animal rights at all levels which appears to not support hunting, fishing, or trapping.

Unlike the two other events that the ALDF shut down, the three local individuals of the Wyoming Best of the Best coyote hunt decided to fight back! The group has retained counsel and are actively fighting the ALDF at every step of the way. The line has been drawn in Wyoming and the fight is on with the upcoming trial date in early October, 2017. This very small group is fighting for all hunters, fishermen, and trappers’ rights against a grant well-funded animal rights organization!

Mark Gillespie, Chairmen of the event, recently stated “we will fight down to our last dollar to protect all hunters’ rights to hunt in America!” The small group of hunters is now seeking support and monetary donations for the legal battles expenses to protect hunting, fishing, and trapping everywhere. Donations for the legal defense can be sent to the Wyoming Best of the Best, P.O. Box 277, Rock Springs, WY 82902. ALDF uses all the legal tricks to drive up the cost of the legal actions hoping to run the group out of funds.



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These DVDs sell for $40 each, $75 for the set. New members can get them free! Note: The ATA will have these at all our events so you can join the NTA and get your DVD right then. The NTA will not mail them.


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