2017 Spring Convention

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Sep 162016

Arkansas Trappers Association

2017 Spring Convention

in conjunction with

Grand Sports Show

Five State Convention

June 15th through June 17th, 2017

Clark County Fairgrounds

Arkadelphia, Arkansas

There will be demos by trappers and hunters from over 16 different states. Something for every outdoorsman in your family.

There will be vendor booths set up in 3 buildings and in an overflow area selling just what you need. There will be hunting supplies, trapping supplies, deer calls, turkey calls, anything to do with the outdoors as well as handmade items…even items for the non-hunter and much, much more.

For more information or to be a vendor, contact Tim Ross at (870) 678-3473.
Tables are $25.00 each with a maximum of 8 per vendor.
What can you sell, you may ask. Mostly anything that is legal. There are some things where we will need to draw the line but contact Tim at the number above with any questions you may have regarding items to sell.
There will be special places for dealers that might want to park a car, truck, tractor, ATV, RV, etc.

This event is free and open to the public so bring the whole family!

Buildings will open at 8:00 each morning and close at 5:00 each evening.
The food building will begin serving breakfast at 7:00 with lunch served mid-day.
Breakfast and lunch will be prepared by Doug Henderson and his crew.

Help a college student

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Feb 202016

Need Help with Gray Fox Carcasses

We need the ATA (or anyone reading this) to help a young man. His name is Robbie Morphew, a student at Henderson State. He will be doing a research project on gray fox, much like Allison Surf did with otters. He has asked if we would help provide him with gray fox carcasses. If you can help, contact Robbie at 870-557-8610. Thanks!

Fur Sale Results!

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May 092015

Results of

2016 Arkansas Trappers Association Fur Sale

2016 Fur Sale Results

2015 ATA Spring Convention

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Feb 222015

Arkansas Trappers Association

2015 Spring Convention

May 16, 2015

The 2015 Arkansas Trappers Association Spring Convention will be held on Saturday, May, 16 2015 at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds in Hampton.

Admission to the convention is FREE to members and non-members. If you’re not a member of ATA or your membership has expired, you can become a member at the convention. ATA T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, cookbook and other merchandise will be for sale. Vendors will on hand also to help you get all your trapping supplies.

And don’t miss the auction as great deals can be had and door prizes will be awarded,

There is primitive camping on site and campers can get full hook up at Silver Eagle RV Park
The host motel is:
Hampton Motel
554 Lee Street, Hampton, AR 71744
Phone:(870) 798-2755

For more information contact Convention Coordinator
Tim Ross at (870) 678-3473

2014 Workshop was wonderful!

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Oct 262014

Had a great workshop. Want to thank our president, Aaron Hitchcock, all the instructors and the most important part, the ladies in the kitchen: Claudine Shankle, Mary Hitchcock, Signe Ward and Connie Watson.

Instructors were:

Coon – Doug Henderson

Muskrat – Travis Jerdin

Beaver – Mike Fischer

Otter – Gary Helms

Snaring – Dub Shankle

Bobcat – Danny Ross

Coyote – Larry White

Fox – Dana “Trapper Chick” Humphries

Trap Prep and Ethics – Bob Blair

Below is a small slide show.

Arkansas Trappers Association Bylaws and Constitution

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Sep 162014

The Bylaws and Constitution were passed as proposed at the Fall Convention. Click on the link below if you’d like to download a copy.

Arkansas Trappers Association Bylaws

Arkansas Trappers Association Constitution

Talking Outdoors: Trapping in Arkansas

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Mar 242014

Talking Outdoors: Trapping in Arkansas

Wildman follows a few trappers around and goes to the fur sale in Russeville. Brad did a great job!


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Feb 202013

Right Click on link below and save to your computer.
Adobe Reader will open the file.

ATA Fur Sale Results

ATA Fur Sale 2012 Results

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Feb 262012
BEAVER DRY 148 $2,671.50 $18.05 $6.00 $25.00 GREEN 515 $5,419.25 $10.52 $2.00 $17.00
BOBCAT DRY 15 $937.00 $62.47 $35.00 $90.00 GREEN 139 $9,353.50 $67.29 $7.50 $150.00
COYOTE DRY 31 $384.00 $12.39 $6.00 $17.00 GREEN 44 $565.50 $12.85 $1.00 $70.00
FOX GRAY DRY 9 $180.00 $20.00 $18.00 $21.00 GREEN 86 $1,530.00 $17.79 $1.00 $22.00
FOX RED DRY 1 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 GREEN 10 $284.50 $28.45 $18.00 $40.00 MINK DRY 8 $93.00 $11.63 $7.00 $16.00 GREEN 43 $610.75 $14.20 $2.00 $18.00
MUSKRAT DRY 10 $94.00 $9.40 $7.50 $13.00 GREEN 137 $1,097.00 $8.01 $2.00 $9.50
NUTRIA DRY 0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 GREEN 4 $9.00 $2.25 $1.50 $2.50
OPOSSUM DRY 43 $79.50 $1.85 $0.50 $3.25 GREEN 109 $59.50 $0.55 $0.25 $9.00
OTTER DRY 7 $570.00 $81.43 $60.00 $85.00 GREEN 111 $7,590.00 $68.38 $25.00 $87.50
RACCOON DRY 249 $1,798.00 $7.22 $2.50 $15.00 GREEN 754 $3,229.00 $4.28 $0.50 $14.00
SQUIRREL DRY 5 $2.50 $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 GREEN 27 $6.50 $0.24 $0.15 $0.50
STRIPE DRY 5 $12.50 $2.50 $1.00 $3.50 SKUNK GREEN 8 $10.75 $1.34 $0.75 $2.00 CASTOR LBS 60 $2,764.50 $46.08 $40.00 $51.00 TOTAL HIDES 2578 TOTAL SALES $39,381.75

To download a PDF version of the results, click here.

To download a comparison of Malvern vs Russellville sales, click here.

AGFC 2010-2011 Furbearing Animal Report

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Aug 222011

Click on link to view or download report in PDF format

2010-11 Furbearing Animal Report

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